In 2004, following its workshop on the measurement of light at the University of Leicester, the UK CEUG resolved to provide a set of instruments for the measurement of the amount of light in controlled environment cabinets, rooms and glasshouses and for the tertiary calibration of light measuring instruments of the owners of such facilities. Such an instrument package would be available to members of the Group for hire. In 2007 this package was established. In 2016 the group added a Spectrometer to the package which is also available individually for hire.

Please confirm the dates with the Package Manager (Jason Daff) either by telephone (01223 761100) or by email to <Jason.daff@slcu.cam.ac.uk> before returning this form.

Please note that the period of loan is for three weeks only.

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The Full Package presently contains:

  • Three tertiary standard quantum sensors (Skye Instruments SKP 215/SS2)
  • One 4-channel display meter (Skye Instruments SpectroSense2 SKL 904)
  • One red/far red sensor (Skye Instruments 660/730 nm SKR 110/SS2)
  • A levelling stand for holding the user’s quantum sensor and the three standard quantum sensors
  • One UPRtek Spectrometer type MK350S c/w mains charger and USB lead
  • One user’s manual *
  • All contained in one durable, foam padded transit/flight box

* This user manual is written specifically for use with the UK CEUG Light Sensor Calibration Package. Electronic copies of this plus the full, general purpose instruction manuals for the sensors and meter can be found on the CD in the inside back cover of this manual.

The package can be used in a number of ways:

  1. To provide members with instruments for measuring photon irradiance and for determining the red / far red ratio in their controlled environments.
  2. To provide a set of standards that they can use to check the calibration of their own instruments.
  3. To measure and compare spectral data of luminaires using the spectrometer

The package will be sent to users on a three-week loan basis. There will be a fee to cover costs associated with managing the package, including recalibration.

Currently the fee is £90 for the Full Package and £30 for the Spectrometer only. The borrower will be responsible for shipping the package back to the ‘Package Manager’ to arrive by the last day of the three-week loan at the latest.

To check availability (see calendar)