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Some notes about CEUG Meeting Documents

The minutes of the annual general meetings of the group contain the technical discussions between members about controlled environment topics. They are stored as PDF files and can be a found by browsing for “AGMs”. The name of the group has changed with time – the various names are shown in the details of the specific meeting.

The minutes or meeting records from the first meeting in 1966 to 1996 were archived as duplicated hard copies as distributed to group members. Many of these were produced on wax-sheet duplicators. Such copies became less legible with increasing numbers of printed copies and some are barely readable. So that minutes archived on the WWW would be intelligible to web crawlers, these duplicated copies were converted by scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to Word documents and then to PDF documents. The resulting documents contain their original spelling and grammatical errors e.g. mispelled surnames and places names, but these are not corrected, so that the resulting documents are like facsimiles but searchable. All documents that have been through this process have notes in the footers to say so. From 1997 on, minutes are archived from electronic copies.

In 1990 the organisation of the annual meeting of the UK CEUG was changed from a half-day meeting to an overnight meeting commencing with an afternoon scientific meeting with invited speakers from the membership of the group and outside it and from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, an evening annual general meeting including an interactive technical and scientific discussion session, and a tour of the controlled environment facilities of the host institution on the next morning. In 2004 and 2008 the scientific meeting was replaced by a workshop extending over several days. The proceedings of the UK CEUG are the record of the scientific meetings and the workshops, starting with Volume 1 in 1990. The proceedings are archived here as PDF files (see “Proceedings” column below). The contents of the proceedings can be viewed alone first as single-page PDF files (see “Contents” column below).

In 2012, the publication of proceedings ceased, but instead the presentation by speakers are available from the details link for the meeting.

Featured Documents

CE Guidelines

PDF, 0.2MB

Minimum Guidelines for Measuring and Reporting Environmental Parameters for Experiments on Plants in Growth Rooms and Chambers.