The UK Controlled Environment Users Group (CEUG) first met in 1966 and has been meeting annually ever since.

It was originally established by a group of owners of Saxcil™ controlled environment cabinets in universities and Agricultural Research Council institutes as a forum for managers of the facilities to discuss mutual problems and experiences in running such facilities. Saxcil™ cabinets were designed for research on plants and although the interest of the group is still primarily in research on plants, we have members who use controlled environments for research into simple ecosystems. Members now include managers of controlled environment facilities and other interested users from university departments, research institutes and companies concerned with research on plants. It also includes representatives of manufacturers of controlled environment glasshouses, cabinets and rooms. The latter are accepted as members on the condition that they do not use meetings as sales pitches but participate fully in the scientific business of the meetings.

The annual meeting is held in September and is hosted by one of the members of the group. It lasts 24 hours from noon to noon and consists of an afternoon session of invited papers, an evening business/discussion meeting in which invited speakers also participate and a morning tour of facilities of the host institution and demonstrations by invited manufacturers. The invited manufacturers can include manufacturers or agents for sensors, control systems, monitoring systems, effectors, components etc. The minutes of the annual general and discussion meeting and précis of the talks of the invited speakers (proceedings) are sent to all members. The participants of the meeting are listed separately.

The group jointly organised a longer international meeting at the John Innes Institute in 2001 with the North American NCR-101 (now NCERA-101), the theme of which was “Controlled Environments in the new Millennium”. In 2004 it sent a delegation of 11 members to an international meeting in Brisbane, “The Power to Control”, organised by the Australasian Controlled Environment Working Group and in 2008 it sent a delegation of 10 members to an international meeting in Cocoa Beach, Florida, “Advances in Research and design in CEA Facilities “, organised by the North American NCERA-101. In 2004 it organised a 3-day workshop on ” Understanding and measuring light in controlled environments ” at the University of Leicester.

The group is represented on an International Committee on Controlled Environment Guidelines (ICCEG). In 2004 the committee published a leaflet “Minimum Guidelines for Measuring and Reporting Environmental Parameters for Experiments on Plants in Growth Rooms and Chambers”. In 2008 it published a second leaflet “Guidelines for Measuring and Reporting Environmental Parameters for Experiments in Plant Tissue Culture Facilities” (

The group became a registered charity in February 2005 (Registered Charity Number 1108721) with its charitable object:

to advance education for the benefit of the public in matters relating to the technical and scientific aspects of the management and use of controlled environments for plants, invertebrate animals and ecosystems and to promote the study and research of those subjects provided that the useful results of the study and research are disseminated to the public.

and with a constitution and Officers and Executive Committee .

If you want to meet other users, old and new, and share experiences, learn about new applications and uses of controlled environments, gain information on latest technologies and products, and benefit from open forum discussions, then we invite you to join our Group.